Adam J Purcell

Doctor Who: The Game of Time & Space

Doctor Who: The Game of Time & Space BGG link

2 to 6
Play time
90 minutes
Derek Carver
Games Workshop Ltd.
5.37 (BGG average)





Publisher's Description:

For well over ten years the gallant Doctor and his trusty assistants have been entertaining TV viewers of all ages in his many guises. Now at last, as one of the many incarnations of the Doctor, you can experience the excitement of a hunt across space for the Key of Time. En route you will meet old enemies like the Daleks and Cybermen - and many new ones. You are racing to collect your combination of the Key of Chronos and return to a hero's welcome on Gallifrey. Not only must you contend with the inhabitants of the many planets you will discover, but also with the threat from other Doctors, all intent on getting their Keys home. To help you in this mission are many artifacts ranging from the Tardis to the legendary Jelly Babies. Everything combines to give a fast, furious and fun game as you tread boldly where no Time Lord has gone before.