Adam J Purcell

Social Media

So much of life is experienced 'online' these days, thanks to all these social media platforms. In an effort to help advertisers, spy agencies and other profiling groups, here is your one stop shop to Adam J Purcell on the Internet.

It should be noted that I am often quick to sign up to these services but I am less good at keeping up to date with the deluge of data that comes from them, let alone regularly adding my own noise to all that! If you do wish to contact me then your best bet is probably still traditional email.


Probably my most significant online presence is being part of the Staggering Stories Podcast.

My Blog at Staggering Stories

Though I very rarely update it these days, I do maintain an Adam J Purcell Blog. It is currently hosted as part of the larger Staggering Stories blog but that is part of the reason I don't update it very often - do the regular Staggering Stories readers and listeners want to see my blog there? Probably not!


I much prefer the idea of Google+ as compared to Facebook (I trust Google slightly more, though only slightly) but persuading people to use it can be surprisingly tricky! Nonetheless I have an account there - Adam J Purcell on Google+.


Everybody's on Facebook, right? Maybe not everybody but I certainly am - Adam J Purcell on Facebook.


I suspect Twitter is on the wane, certainly it is for me. Signal to noise ratio is the problem. Nonetheless I do have an account there and will generally respond to anything directed at me, eventually. I am unlikely to see anything that isn't sent directly to me, though. Adam J Purcell on Twitter.


Want to know what I'm watching on TV or at the cinema? If you do (and I don't know why you would!) then you can keep an eye on my more passive activites at Adam J Purcell on GetGlue.


Ever wanted to surprise someone, maybe unexpectedly join them for lunch or the cinema? Perhaps you are just a slack stalker? If so then you can monitor some of my movements thanks to Adam J Purcell on Foursquare.


I have published few videos and that is unlikely to change but you can at least see what videos I've "liked" with my Adam J Purcell on YouTube.


Though I've never really used it (I really must complete the profile and bring it up to date) I do have a profile as Adam Purcell on LinkedIn.

Amazon Wishlist

Finally, for those of a generous disposition (this is really intended for those friends and family members who keep asking for what I want for Christmas or my birthday!) here is my Adam J Purcell Amazon Wishlist. Other retailers are available (but don't have my wishlist!)