Adam J Purcell

100 Swords: The Red Dragon's Dungeon

100 Swords: The Red Dragon's Dungeon BGG link

1 to 2
Play time
25 minutes
Clayton Grey, Samuel Strick
Laboratory Games
6.68 (BGG average)





100 Swords: The Red Dragon's Dungeon is a sword based dungeon crawling micro deck builder! Load up with as much as you can carry and run head first into the dungeon, exploring rooms and revealing monsters, all while keeping track of hidden treasures and swords!

During play, you must efficiently play the 5 cards in your hand for any combination of movement, strength, or energy. Movement advances you deeper into the dungeon allowing you to peek at or reveal the cards along the way. Monsters you find can only be defeated with strength. New items (and swords!) are acquired by spending cards in your hand for energy. Many items have effects that will further expand your tactical options as your deck grows.

As you defeat monsters and pick up loot, do your best to remember where everything is hidden. Treasures and slain monsters are worth gold, so get collecting! Once the dungeon has been thoroughly ransacked, or the boss is defeated, whoever has the most gold wins!