Adam J Purcell

D100 Dungeon

D100 Dungeon BGG link

Play time
90 minutes
Martin Knight
(Self-Published), (Web published)
7.79 (BGG average)





Just a pencil, a few sheets of paper, 2 d10's, a d6 and the manual are all you need to take a character on Dungeon Delving Adventure. Create a character and you are ready to start a new journey.

The game uses a series of tables and harks back to a cross over of an RPG and a choose-your-own adventure book, with quests and character development. You can pick this up and play as and when you have free time.

Each quest is a trip to the dungeon, where you will have a specific goal. Whether you win or fail the quest, your character is constantly developing and looting better equipment and more gold. As you progress through the dungeon, you map your progress and make notes so you can easily return back to a quest you have started next time. This is an ideal lunch break, train journey, or flight filler that can help with any gamer's withdrawal.

Version 3 has updated rules and extra content, and you can find out how it has changed here - and order here -

Version 1 and 2 are free to try out and can be downloaded from BGG here -

—description from the designer