Adam J Purcell

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Interactive Video Board Game – A Klingon Challenge

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Interactive Video Board Game – A Klingon Challenge BGG link

3 to 6
Play time
60 minutes
Canada Games, Decipher, Hasbro, MB Giochi, MB Spellen, MB Spiele, Milton Bradley
5.7 (BGG average)





Board is set up in view of a television/VCR and players watch a videotape of simulated action and narration filmed on the set of the Star Trek series. Players assume the roles of the few remaining on-board crew members of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is docked for repairs.

The players (watching the tape) see a renegade Klingon (named KAVOK) hijack the ship with only themselves aboard with him. He periodically appears on the television screen (which is a simulation of different communication view screens aboard the ship) and talks to the players during the game.

KAVOK's intention is to use the Federation ship to to attack the Klingon Empire and instigate a Federation/Klingon war. He also plans to gloriously die in battle along with the remaining crew. KAVOK will create setbacks and obstacles for the players as they attempt to gain access to the bridge and regain control of the ship. The journey to the Klingon Empire takes 60 minutes of real time game-playing (displayed on screen). They play against the clock, and if nobody wins, they all lose.

Play consists of rolling the die, moving around the board (which represents the Enterprise), drawing cards and interacting with the video of KAVOK until they reach the bridge and win, or the time expires and they lose.

A sequel involving Q was planned for release the following year but was shelved due to licensing issues.